Company History

Digital Class Photo is a company that provides Universities and Colleges with a platform to both create and maintain a large photo database. Every day, we are working to making large photo database projects as efficient as possible, eliminating the many headaches they can cause. As a result, we are at the forefront photo database management, paving the way to greater results. 

Lenny Williams was hired as an alumni relations student assistant in the summer of 2015 and was tasked with the enormous project of digitizing the composite boards of the many Edwards graduates of years past. He kept thinking there had to be a more efficient way to digitize the project instead of spending so much time scanning 15,000 photos individually and compiling them into a database. He spent some time researching whether or not software like this existed, but came up empty-handed. Shortly after the project began, he found himself moving locations to the Edwards Information Technology Services Office. 

As luck would have it, that is where he met Ognjen Ivkovic, a U of S computer science graduate, Edwards employee, and future business partner. The pair discussed the idea of custom software for the project, and Ivkovic then developed software designed to make digitizing and displaying thousands of graduation photos an easy and effective process. The results could then be matched back to the university database and made accessible on easy-to-use interactive displays such as kiosks, tablets, mobile devices, and the web. They went on to found the company that summer to take this idea further and develop it into what it is today. 



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